The SDS or Abstraction driver in Cinder debate… I give up

So first, I’d like to thank all of the folks who have provided quite a bit of feedback on this topic both those from EMC that support the idea, and all the rest of you who for the most part don’t (interesting categorization of opinions I think).

The latest from Vendors like Huawei and EMC is an easy trick to skirt around my viewpoint on this.  The solution they’ve figured out is that if they have a device (or software package) that runs on commodity hardware that only works via VIPR (or whatever their abstraction layer is called), how could I possibly argue against it being submitted.  Well… I could, but quite frankly I’m tired of this topic and I have realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that the motivation for involvement in OpenStack is much much different for a lot of folks than what I may have hoped, or even than what I view my own motivation for involvement as being.

In the next few days I have some thoughts I’d like to get out there regarding Open Source, OpenStack, and my interpretation of what all of it means.  Stay tuned and if you’re remotely interested in my ramblings and silly opinions hopefully you’ll check it out and let me know what you think. 

In the meantime, you all win… I have better things to do (like finishing my patch to improve Cinder’s core data-path and control abstraction) than to continue arguing over something that in the end doesn’t really even matter.


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